Dr.Jaysinh Parmar : BHMS,MBA(HCM), Certified Global Career Counselor UCLA, USA

The rising demand for career counseling 

It is imperative to provide career guidance solution to students, and this dire need is felt now more than ever before.

And thus began the inception of mentor or counselor.

Able career guidance and intervention must begin in school.

This has led to the need for capable career counsellors who can drive a comprehensive career guidance system to deliver effective solutions to student.

Number speak louder than words:

98% of universities agree that information and counseling provided at school level would make students better prepared when thay enter universities/colleges.

Survey 2017

46% of students agree that parents and students find it stressful to make career related decisions.

IC3 survey 2017

Less than 10% of engineering students have a predefined career map to help them fulfill their career ambitions.

Survey conducted by edtech review, 2017

Students are often lost in an ocean of choices, with no clarity on career paths.

In absence of timely information and guidance on courses and colleges, leads them to make rushed decision, eventually resulting in unsatisfied career and lack of fulfillment.

Right decision on Right time.

We believe students have the right to make informed decisions.

Hence, we are right here to guide them from a lack of knowledge about courses, different programs and universities"

We provide counseling for universities admission that helps us design your child's bright future.

So that's why career counseling.

From thousands of available career options, many a time, the students are confused what to take and what not to take.

This indicates us towards an immense need for career guidance that will help students make informed decisions.

Now the next question is what is the right time to take guidance? During the school or during the 12th or during the entrance examination phase?

Well, Early is the answer. Students must take career guidance as early as 8th grade onwards. This will help them understand their interests, passion, opportunities, capabilities, and more.

Career counseling paves way for more information and renewed thought process among students.

It gives clarity about their future goals and reduces the rate of failure in the wrong field of career.

There are many options in the world and one has to choose them wisely.

So, students should opt for guidance to make inroads into better careers.

We are here to make a good fortune in a short span of time 

- AI based 26 research tools
- Understanding personality
- 20- 40 page report with best career suggestions
- Aptitude, Emotional quantum, Career motivators, Skill and abilities evaluation

So, let's meet to evaluate your profile to know your strengths and weaknesses 

Get to know yourself

With JCC.

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