Career Counseling and Assessment to answer questions like:
  • Should my child choose Science, Commerce or Arts after 10th?
  • Which Board is most suitable for my child? (State Board / CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE or IB)
  • Which Elective/Extra Subject should my child choose?
  • Which College/ Degree/Diploma is most suitable for my child after 12th?
  • Which Career/Profession is best for my child?
  • Which Entrance Exams can my child give after 12th/Graduation?
  • I want my child to do something specific. How do I support him/her?
  • My child is not performing well in Graduation. How do I Help him/her?


  • Career Coach
  • 3rd Standard to PG Level
  • University/Country Selection
  • Memory Techniques
  • Personal Growth
  • Skill & Ability Development
  • Educational & Professional
  • Training Up to Age of 30 Years.

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